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  • 13 Mar 2023 9:45 PM | Anonymous

    We planned an exploration of the tracks around Anglesea and Paddy’s Swamp. The weather was fine and the company outstanding.

    We set off from IGA, heading into Anglesea heath around Alcoa Boundary Track.

    The going was easy around, though this was likely because when we tried to access a number of the tracks that looked like they had a more difficult rating we found them closed. In fact many of the tracks we had planned to do were closed, making it difficult to take the planned route.

    On the whole though, the tracks around Anglesea made for a pleasant trip and would be well suited to beginners whilst the weather is dry. On a wet day conditions would likely deteriorate quickly.

    In search of adventure we found ourselves on Powerline track. Whilst the top of the hill is gated, there is a bit to explore on the track leading up the hill. We found a deep rutted section with a bit of a drop and a few of us tested it out.

    While a couple made it down, whilst playing about a patrol, prado and finally the 80 series got stuck by slipping into the ruts and diffing out. This resulted in a lengthy recovery.

    Once we had ourselves together again we made our way along Denham track, which was an easy but enjoyable run through the forest.

    We reached the Paddy’s Swamp area late in the day and checked out an unnamed track near Hammonds Road Campground. This turned out to be a very difficult, steep decent into a creek with no easy exit. As it was 4.10pm we decided this was a bad time to start on such a challenge and made our way towards the pub.

    On the way we checked out Gentle Annie Track which was easy, Clarke Spur track, which was closed, and Cole Mine Creek track, which was easy enough, but fun all the same. We exited out onto the great ocean road with spectacular views.

    In all, it was a good day to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Anglesea heath though is not worth the visit for anything other than a casual and easy exporation.

    Paddy’s Swamp deserves further exploration though, and we’ll be back.

    Starting point

    Anglesea IGA

    Parma and pint location and rating

    Anglesea Hotel - $29 Parma

    6/10 - Good size and decent chips, but one of the more expensive I’ve seen.

    Weather / track conditions



    LN106 Hilux

    80 series





    Tracks and condition

    Alcoa Boundry Track

    • Easy 
    • Sand

    Harrison Track

    • Closed

    Allardyce Track

    • Easy - Medium
    • Sand with some steep sections

    Pipeline track

    • Easy - Medium
    • Sand and clay. Some rutts.

    Powerline track

    • Mostly easy, some optional deep ruts
    • Permenantly closed at the top of the hill
    • Clay

    Peregrine track

    • Easy
    • Sand
    • Great lookout over a quarry

    Denham track

    • Easy in the dry
    • Long scenic with some steep sections.

    Unnamed near Hamdonds Road campground

    • Very Hard
    • Extemely Steep decent down clay surace  into creek. No exit as the other side is blocked by an enormous tree.

    Gentle Annie Track

    • Very easy
    • Sand and grit

    Clark Spur Track

    • Closed

    Moggs creek track

    • Easy
    • Sand

    Coalmine creek track

    • Easy - medium
    • Sand

  • 6 Mar 2022 9:31 PM | Anonymous

    Mt Disappointment offers a wide range of 4wd tracks and dirt roads with everything from easy to very hard. This trip was with a couple of fairly inexperienced off roaders (including the leader). Loads of potential out here for people feeling a bit more adventurous.

    Meeting point: Pretty Sally Bakery Wallan

    End Point: MacNamara's Irish pub. 

    Past trip map: Link
    (This can be used as a starting point for planning but might not be suitable to copy)

    Distance: 103 KMs

    Time: 7hrs 33 mins

    Notable tracks

    Track name



    Clarkes Road

    Hard (Wet)

    In the wet, this was a tough track. The track goes downhill, then flat for about 500 meters then uphill to get out, making it easy to get stuck.

    On the descent, I started to slide but kept straight. After having a look at the other hill I decided we weren't going to get up it.

    Ended up coming back the same way and required a winch to get up. Could probably be done with muddies and a bit more right foot.

    Do-able in the dry, though the other hill has some deepening ruts.

    Sailor Jack Track

    Medium (Dry)

    Steep gravelly track with an awesome view. Has a lookout at the top which is good for a stop. Also has plenty of space at the bottom. You can drive out the bottom and onto the road if needed. Great fun.

    Wild Dog Track

    Medium (Dry)

    Steep gravel track surrounded by trees. Steeper than Sailor Jack Track. Easily doable in the dry. Probably still fine in the wet, but don’t take my word for it.

    NB: We tried to get into here from the road below the first time, but it appears to go through a private property with a locked gate so we ended up going from the top then back up again.

    Engine Camp Road


    Nice scenic track with a couple of deep puddles, but we got blocked by multiple trees across the track.

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